Poet/attorney/wit Rebecca Marcyes has been singing since the beginning.  Making music draws her in and out of herself in equal measure.  A founding member of music collective Splendor All Around, she has performed with associates Molly Sarlé, Skyway Man, Mikayla McVey, and Pancho Morris.  Inspired by the absurd, the quotidian, and expressive acts, she relies on melodies and rhythm to get through, and makes a concise contribution to the sensitivity archives with her upcoming release, In Your Honor, which may remind listeners of Arthur Russell, Belle and Sebastian, Okay Kaya, Iris DeMent, and Leonard Cohen. 

In Your Honor, Marcyes’ debut record, was recorded in Oakland in 2016, and produced by James Wallace (Skyway Man), who also plays on the album.  The songs are jotted notes on human relationships (romantic, platonic, sardonic) and short lines on love (undying, unrealized, unwieldy).  The title track is a far-away train whistle; the album also includes “Honey” (on stagnation and desire), “Louise” (for those who couldn’t escape), and “Dorianne” (a song in one sentence).   After waiting patiently for seven years, the songs are ready to come outside.